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DJ Rob G



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DJing since...  1986


Previous Residencies




Genres Whatever gets the crowd dancing!


Favourite Genre/s House, old skool breakbeat and club classics


Will Use Microphone? Yes

Carmarthen: Riviera Club, Metros, Savannahs.    Aberystwyth: Aber Student Union, Pier Pressure,                    Currently Harleys Music Bar.

DJ Mixes

Rob G - Chicago House '85 - '87 (Apr '20)

So, lockdown..... Decided to try and chronicle my musical journey. My first exposure to dance music included these awesome vintage house tracks! 

Rob G - Acid House '87 - '88 (May '20)

Still lockdown..... Music is really helping me stay sane! This time it's the bleeps and squelches from the second 'summer of love'.


Rob G - Jungle 'n' Hardcore '93 Live Vinyl Mix (circa '00)

Found this old recording from an oldskool technics 1210 vinyl mixing session. Brought back loads of memories for me!

Happy daze  :-)

Rob G - My Perfect 10 'Feelin' U House' (Aug '16)

Second mix in 'My Perfect 10' series... Here we have some soulful vocals and piano house music drifting to chicago mode!

Enjoy; Play or download.... :-)

Rob G - My Perfect 10 'Nu Disco Vibes' (July '16)

First in a series of mixes! 'My Perfect 10' series will be a live mix featuring my favourite ten tunes in any given genre....First up we have Nu Disco!

Rob G - True House Music Mix (circa '10)

A more underground, tribally kind of vibe. A mix of classics and current (to 2010) house tunes.

Best played loudly!! ;-)

Rob G - Electro Mix (Jan '10)

More bleeps and squelches, this time from 2010. A selection ranging from head nodders, to full on beast mode!!

DJ Video (more on YouTube)

Gig Flyers


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