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Live Video Feed

This is our live video stream from Chew TV, the DJ video streaming service. When I'm not broadcasting live, you can see a previous show.
Please note: The music played here is NOT reflective of what I usually play at parties.. I can play all genres and requests :-)
If you  FOLLOW  me on ChewTV (for free: login with Facebook, one click!) you can receive a message when I'm broadcasting live and access all my previous shows. You can also use the live chat feature when I'm live!
If you have any technical issues give us a shout!

Unfortunately CHEW TV has been taken over by another provider... we are considering our options regarding live streaming...

Hopefully this page will be fully functional again soon!!

Feed Tips

1. If your video feed is buffering all the time reduce the video resolution, it is broadcast in HD!
2. You can hide the chat window or detach it completely to display in a separate window using the icons bottom right.
3. Why not text the studio on 07534 276 736... it's a free* fun way to get your message on the screen!
4. You can also tweet the studio with a message or photo, just include #SynergyTV in your tweet! 
5. Text and Tweets ARE MODERATED and may not appear live on the screen.
*(standard network charges to the UK apply)
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