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Guide to booking a DJ 


Never booked a mobile disco before? Here's a guide...

The Mobile DJ will arrive at your event with all the equipment needed to stage a show. This will include sound equipment, lights, music in various formats, stands and leads. The DJ will generally need to arrive at least  60 mins before the start of the event to set up and do sound checks before your guests arrive.


The DJ should play music at a comfortable volume ensuring that it is suitable to the mood and crowd. If required, the DJ should make announcements and will also allow you to use the microphone to give speeches during the course of the evening. They should also liase with the venue management regarding bar and sound regulations.




Watch out... There are usually some pitfalls when booking a mobile disco. The main thing you should do to avoid these pitfalls and any disappointment that follows is to book a reputable company.


It is all too tempting to book a cheap DJ but they are often unreliable, have poor quality equipment (which usually sounds and looks awful), are very unprofessional and can ruin your special night. If a DJ can work for next to nothing on a Saturday night, then he's probably not a good DJ.

If they only have a mobile phone number for contact, it is doubtful they are running a legitimate business. This means no receipts, electrical safety certificate, public liability insurance etc.

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