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What we offer


The main focus of Synergy Sound is a TOTAL MOBILE ENTERTAINMENT SOLUTION. This means we arrive with everything we need to transform your function room or marquee into a fantastic party zone. We bring all the sound and light equipment, set it all up where required and provide a DJ to bring it all to life!


We don't play illegally downloaded, poor quality music from the internet on a cheap laptop, through less than adequate speakers.


As well as an extensive back catalogue of original CDs collected over many years, we purchase only HIGH QUALITY DIGITAL AUDIO AND VIDEO files from legal sources. This guarantees the best possible sound from our source material.


We can also DOWNLOAD REQUESTS provided they are commercially legally available, and your venue has wi-fi internet access / phone signal.


Our equipment is always 'top of the range' PROFESSIONAL EQUIPMENT. We currently use Pioneer Pro DJ setups to mix, control and play our media. The actual kit deployed will depend on the event size, type and location. We would not blast a childrens party with four 18" subwoofers or turn up to a club night event with 10" active monitors on stands!


Video DJ

In the new era of the 'internet of things' party people like a more engaging experience than just listening to tracks played from a laptop. We can, in addition, provide one or more LARGE VIDEO SCREENS projecting music VIDEOS, SOUND-TO-LIGHT FX, PERSONAL MESSAGES (live updates), PHOTO SLIDESHOWS etc.


Our basic VideoDJ package has a projector screen which is about 3m wide by 2.5m in height, so please be aware of the additional space we will need to set up.


We can also DOWNLOAD VIDEO REQUESTS provided they are commercially legally available, and your venue has high speed internet access / strong phone signal.



Due to the high demand we  also cater for the karaoke lover lurking inside.... We have a COMPREHENSIVE CATALOGUE of tracks available, from rock 'n' roll and country classics through to current chart releases. All our karaoke lyrics are displayed on a large video screen in HI-DEFINITION (as well as a monitor) so the audience can participate!  


We can also DOWNLOAD REQUESTS provided they are commercially legally available, and your venue has wi-fi internet access / phone signal.


DJ Only


Synergy Sound can provide a DJ ONLY service for clients with their own PA equipment, or venue with installed PA. For further information about the DJs we can provide, please head over to the OUR DJs page.


The DJ will usually arrive with their own laptop, headphones, controller, media etc which should not be considered as hired equipment; it is their own equipment for their own personal use. They will require space to set up and a minimum of TWO 13A SOCKETS within 1m of this space. An extension lead would be acceptable. The DJ will also need a STEREO RCA connecting lead to connect the output signal of their equipment to a LINE LEVEL input on the existing equipment.


Microphones and leads are not part of the DJ ONLY service, but can be hired seperately for the night, if required. Please check that the DJ you have chosen is happy to use a microphone first, as many club DJs are not.


Please remember to specify any dress code requirements when you are booking. The DJ ONLY COST covers total attending time, not just DJing set times.

PA Dry hire


Synergy Sound has a range of professional quality equipment available to DRY HIRE. If you wish to use this service please contact us for a list of kit available on your date, along with costs and delivery arrangements etc


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