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Why choose us?

We conduct our business in a professional manner and have over 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE in the DJing business.


We only play LEGAL DIGITAL MEDIA purchased from reputable sources, and use top quality PROFESSIONAL grade equipment. 


We also have been ENHANCED CRB CHECKED, which means no criminal record and we are cleared to work with children.


We can provide RECEIPTS for any fees paid, and a tailor made CONTRACT OF SERVICE if required, so you know exactly what you're getting for your money before the night.

We have £10 million cover of PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE, which means we are insured in the unlikely event that we are responsible for any damage or injury inflicted on the general public due to our service and/or equipment.


All our equipment is very high quality, and has a CERTIFICATE of ELECTRICAL SAFETY (P.A.T.). This is also a legal requirement (Electricity at Work Legislation) and insures that you will not be electrocuted by unsafe items plugged into the mains. It also minimises the chances of any equipment bursting into flames and burning down your venue. Most venues now ask for a current P.A.T. certificate for any mobile equipment.


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