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A £50 (or 15%, whichever is greater) reservation fee is payable upon booking.  Your date is not secured until this is paid.


If you change your mind and let us know at least 30 days prior to the event this will be returned in full, otherwise this payment is non-refundable. The outstanding balance must be paid before the date of the event, or on the day before equipment is set up.


If Synergy Sound is unable to commit to a reserved booking, we will refund your deposit AND give you the FULL FEE so you can make alternative arrangements at no extra cost!


The reservation fee is deducted from the total cost; it is NOT an additional payment.

A services/equipment hire contract can be provided if required. This can be sent to you before you reserve the date, and ensures that there are no misunderstandings about music, start and end times, etc. and also includes the following terms:


The customer will:


  • pay all outstanding fees by the start of the event, before any equipment is set up.

  • be liable for any damage caused to equipment by any persons attending.

  • agree on start and finish times before event commences.

  • provide access for at least one hour before and after event for equipment setup and take down.

  • provide suitable power sockets (minimum 2x 13A sockets), no more than 20ft from setup site.


Synergy Sound will:


  • be liable for any damage or injury caused by equipment, to any persons attending (covered by Public Liability Insurance).

  • provide all equipment, as described, in a safe condition and fit for purpose.

  • provide all services as described in the contract, for the stated hours.

  • dress and conduct themselves in a manner suitable for event.

  • play music suitable for event, taking into account any requests.

  • provide a receipt for any fees paid to Synergy Sound at the event.


These terms apply to private parties. Corporate and business customers may negotiate separate terms, as required.

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